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Play It Cool When A Child Falls And Looks At You!

It’s hard not to wince when you see someone fall, hit their head, or run into someone. When a child does it, they’ll usually look to an adult to see how they should react. For this reason, it’s best to keep it cool. Often, when a child falls there’s a delay and they look at you — waiting for your reaction. You freak out, making them think something terrible has happened, so they start crying. Instead, wait and see what they do. If they seem OK, help them up if they are still down. Let them go back to playing. After all, falling down is part of being a kid, and usually not an event. Don’t make it into one. If they are hurt, it’s even more important not to freak out. What a scared kid needs is someone who is in control and taking care of things. Give them first aid or take them to the emergency room, calmly.

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