The Fourth of July is fast approaching…  And social media is already blowing up.

Some folks are bragging about plans for private fireworks displays, as municipalities cancel them, during lockdown.  But more people are already complaining about fireworks waking them up . . . waking their kids up . . . scaring their pets . . . and worse, triggering PTSD events for our veterans.

While these kinds of things always happens around the Fourth, it appears to be more of a “powder keg,” this year.

New York City has had 426 TIMES more noise complaints in June than the same time last year.  And it’s up in other cities too, including L.A., Vegas, Boston and here, in Chicago.

Neighbors aren’t having it – especially now that more of us are home all the time, there’s not as much traffic to drown out noise, and higher stress levels are triggering more anxiety – especially about safety.

Hundreds of people in New York sat outside the mayor’s mansion Monday night and honked their horns to wake him up, just so he’d know how it feels.  And yesterday, he announced the city is cracking down on illegal fireworks.

More people are buying their own, though.  And, with the cancellations of public displays, there’s a surplus of louder professional-grade fireworks, out there.  So it’s possible more people have gotten their hands on them.

But hands and eyes (and more) are far more likely to be injured this year, as these dangerous explosives are less likely to be handled by professionals.  

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