People Wish They Had a Check Engine Light – for Health – for Real
Do you wish you had a “check engine” light?  Would it be good, to get an alert, if your body needed attention? 

For a survey of 2,000 Americans, 63% said they struggle to recognize when their body is trying to tell them to pay attention to their health.

If a “check engine” light existed for their bodies, 57% say they would use it to determine when it was time to drink water.  50% would use it as a vitamin reminder.  And 45% would be alerted for nap time.

Who wouldn’t want a magical warning light to appear when something needs attention?” says Bruce Tetreault, of vitafusion…. “While that might not exist in reality, we can all take a break from our day to ask ourselves some critical questions about our daily health and how to better our overall well-being.”

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