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People Love Drinking Flat Pop?

A guy named David shared on reddit that “flat soda is much better than carbonated.” He explained that he took his first sip of warm, flat Pepsi in 2012 at a Christmas party. As bored 12-years-olds are wont to do, he recalls “constantly fiddling around” with his Pepsi bottle the entire night, to the point that the soda lost all carbonation and turned into syrup-y sugar water. He swigged away nonetheless and “enjoyed the taste so much more, and the carbonation didn’t upset my stomach or burn my eyes and throat.”

… And then the flat-soda lovers on reddit came out of the woodwork. Another guy shared that his grandmother set out a cup of Sprite for 10 minutes, added some ice when it became flat, and handed it to her sick grandson. “It was eye-opening,” he says. “The fizz that made my stomach hurt and my taste buds die was gone. It tasted like a lemon-lime drink, rather than a gut punch.”

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