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Pay a Lot Less for Your Power Bill. Here’s How.

Business strategies for creative expression with a light bulb idea.

This time of year may be one of the most costly.  Winter cold requires a little more spending on heat at home.  And we tend to stay inside with more electronics, like the big-screen TV or the tablet, rather than get outside.

But here are some great ways to keep your energy cost down and pay lower bills.  They’re pretty easy.

First, start changing every bulb in your home to LED.  They cost pennies to power, compared to other lights.  Do one room at a time.  Don’t forget closets!  [I have done this, after my electrician recommended it.  He said we would see our electric bill go down by 40%.  And it DID.  Some utilities will even credit you for the money you spend on the new bulbs.  We donated the old bulbs to a charity.  ~ Mo]

According to a list put together by eBay, you should change your showerhead to a more efficient one, which will reduce the amount of water which needs to be heated up.

Block drafty doors and windows, to retain the warmth you’ve already paid for.  And this is key:  Make sure all your windows are locked – because an unlocked window can creep down from the top, and permit a draft.  The locked window stays in place, and doesn’t slip.

Install a “smart meter.”  This will help you track which household appliances use the most juice.  Also try running them at off-peak times, using methods that reduce the load.   For more tips:  Visit Ideal Home, HERE.

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