Parker McCollum Prepares for Fatherhood – But He Was Already ‘On It’ Last Year

Sometimes, it’s fun to look back and see where we were headed, and wonder if we sort of knew it.

Parker McCollum announced last month that his wife Hallie Ray was going to have a baby.  Well, as they count down the days to meet their son…  We listened to an interview with Parker from last year, and as he talked about his album, Never Enough, he talked about how he wanted to become a father.

Here’s what Parker told us…  back before he knew she was pregnant:

“It’s knocking on my door real loud.  And sometimes I think about it, and at some points during the day it will cross my mind that that’s close and it’s going to be – I like look in the back seat and I’m like there’s going to be a damn car seat back there before – if you’re not careful.  And I’ll think about it, and I’ll be like man, that’s – hell yeah.  I have a great dad.  Great grandparents.  Great uncles.  Like I look forward to – I have nieces and nephews now – I look forward to that of my own for sure.  We wouldn’t be surprised if that happened soon.”

We were also reminded:

  • Parker and Hallie Ray got married in July of 2021.
  • They dated for 3 years.
  • His wedding ring is in the shape of a horse shoe.

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