Painting – Covered in Poop – Sells for Big Dough – Guess How Much… Doh!
Painting Covered in Poop Sells for Three Million Dollars 

From “doh!” to “dough!“:  A large oil painting titled “A Study for Saint Jerome,” by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, sat in a New York farm shed – and collected bird droppings – before it was discovered by art collector Albert B. Roberts.

Roberts purchased the work for just $600 in 2002.  But Roberts passed away in 2021.  And, last Thursday, his estate sold the work for $3.1 million.

A portion of the sale’s proceeds will go to the Albert B. Roberts Foundation, which provides financial support for artists and charities.

There’s more to the story, here:  (newser)  Do you clean it?  How much will that cost, if you do?


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