Owen Wilson Shares More On Season 2 Of Loki

From the beginning, Loki had a lot going for it. The Tom Hiddleston-led series has an impressive ensemble cast that includes Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a fun storyline that connects to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and, most importantly, the first season had the distinction of being one of the only Disney+ Marvel shows that aired before everyone started to get a little tired of them.

Ke Huy Quan, a new hidden weapon for Loki in season 2, has the potential to make the show even more charming.

Wilson said, “It’s so exciting. Every time I saw him winning something, it was another speech that just kind of was a tearjerker that was so moving.”

He added, “Even when we were working on this last summer — I think his character that he plays in Loki season two — I think people will be excited. Even though that was so great, obviously, the character that he won an Oscar for, I think people are going to love his character in this.”

Which role from Owen Wilson do you think was the worst of his career and why?