Orland Park Man Attacked by Coyote, Saved by Service Dog

A coyote appears from a low fog on a hillside near grazing livestock in San Luis Obispo County near Cayucos, Calif., Sunday, May 20, 2001. California's cowboys and ranchers are enduring a steep rise in mountain lion and coyote attacks on livestock, and blame a 1998 law banning certain kinds of animal traps for their woes. (AP Photo/Phil Klein)

We spoke with John Greenan this morning about a coyote attack that happened Sunday night in Orland Park. John and his service dog Bugs were taking their last walk of the night Sunday evening when John noticed a coyote on his porch with what appeared to be a rabbit in it’s mouth. John said the coyote lunged at him and his dog Bugs protected him and pushed the coyote back. When John went to grab Bugs’ leash, he was bitten several times by the coyote.

John and Bugs went to the hospital and were treated for rabies as a precaution. John was told this was the second attack reported in Orland in the past couple of weeks by a coyote. He was also told a coyote went into someone’s back yard earlier this summer and went after a small dog. The dog was never recovered. Coyotes usually run when they see people but this could be a real problem for residents of Orland Park. NBC-5 interviewed John as well, here’s the story they published about the coyote attack.

Here’s our interview with John on the Roy & Carol Show on 7/24

John is wearing the white shirt in the picture below with Bugs taken at Lallo’s Bar & Grill during our K-9’s for Vets fundraiser a month ago.



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