Oops.  Wrong Photo Sent to Bakery for Top of Cake Decoration…
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YouTuber Sends Wrong Photo to Be Made into Cake
Ever bring a picture to a bakery, so they could paint the image on the top of a cake?  It’s amazing how vivid and truly photographic they look.  But you wouldn’t want to accidently hand them a private picture, or a bad one.  And you wouldn’t want them to sculpt it from icing, right? 
Well, this YouTuber wanted a cake covered in black roses, but was surprised when the pastry didn’t turn out as expected.

Robert Tolppi wanted the bakery to bake a stunning birthday cake made with red velvet and black icing in the shape of roses.  To his surprise, he received a cake in the shape of his own head – staring into the ceiling.

Apparently, Tolppi accidentally sent a selfie of his unsmiling face, Instead of the cake reference photo… which the bakery duplicated perfectly.  He ended up sticking candles into his iced forehead, and using the cake anyway.

The face cake is totally better.  So it’s a happy accident,” one person commented.  THIS time.

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