Oooohhhh…So good!

I’m not much of a junk food guy.  I like beef, pork or chicken with potatoes and a veggie.  But once in a while, the decadence of a sweet treat calls to me.  For me, treats have become boring.  But as of late, like over the past weekend, something found its way to my lips.  Something that I cannot ever see myself going without.

These dang cookie thingys are gonna make me chubby, and I’m fine with that because they are so ridiculously awesome.  With that said, I WANT MORE!!!!   Tell me about your newest discovery in terms of sweet treats.  I’m not talking about rice pudding or jello.  I’m talking recently discovered treats that you want everyone to know about, but refuse to share.  Because that’s what these new cookie treats are to me.  Good enough to brag about….too good to let you have any.  Get your own dag nabbit.



Early pic…same great folks Don’t need ’em. Why keep ’em?