Do you like to think “out of the box,” or are you more of a traditionalist, when it comes to the kitchen?  Specifically, if you have a dishwasher, do you use it to wash dishes?

A recent poll asked, “What do you primarily use your dishwasher for?

The #1 answer was “To wash dishes.”  Obvious, right?

Well, despite it being the top answer, only 60% of people primarily use their dishwasher for washing dishes.  So what’s up with everyone else?  25% said they don’t have a dishwasher – so, those people should’ve probably been filtered out.

5% of people HAVE a dishwasher, but don’t use it.

5% said they primarily use it just as a rack to dry HAND-WASHED dishes.  And another 5% use it as an overflow cabinet, to store kitchen items.

That leaves about 1%, which just said “other.”  Maybe they’re washing flower pots or wastebaskets?  Or toys?

(And while people have talked about using their dishwater to COOK things, like salmon and lasagna, it’s hard to believe that would ever be the PRIMARY use.) 

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In a new poll, 16% of people say they “primarily” use their dishwasher for something other than washing dishes . . . like storage or drying hand-washed dishes.

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