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One in Five Passengers Fail to Show Up for Flights – This Close to Christmas

One in Five Passengers Fail to Show Up for Flights in Run-Up to Christmas

It’s no secret that COVID-19 infections have ramped back up in recent weeks, and this is causing people to back out of their holiday plans.

European aviation body Eurocontrol reports that since the Omicron’s emergence in late November, air travel in Europe had been at around 75 percent of 2019 levels.

Eurocontrol’s Eamonn Brennan says, “Now we’re tracking at 74 percent.  But ‘no shows’ are about 20 percent. People don’t want to take the risk of travel.”

Manchester Airports Group corporate strategy director Paul Willis adds, “Pre-Omicron we were at about 70 percent of pre-Covid passenger levels.  We’ve seen that dramatically reduce because of the testing regime in place.  We’re probably down at 45 percent of pre-COVID levels now.”

As a result, many airlines are expected to slash their capacity in the New Year due to ongoing travel confusion and last-minute travel bans.


  • A study finds that about 20 percent of people scheduled to take flights in Europe have just not shown up in the days leading up to Christmas—it’s thought this is due to increasing COVID-19 infections, Europe changing it’s required testing procedures, as well as some countries enacting last-minute travel bans

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