RCA Nashville Old Dominion is breaking new ground with their self-titled, third album — simply by appearing on its cover.

The artwork for OD’s 2015 debut, Meat & Candy, is reminiscent of a heavy metal cover, showing a hot girl dressed as a waitress, surrounded by, well, meat and candy. 2017’s Happy Endings features a traditional needlepoint sampler adorned with tiny pictures symbolizing each song.

But the cover of Old Dominion shows all five members of the band crowded onto a sofa in a classic American living room. The CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year sits underneath a familiar-looking picture of a sailboat; there’s even a United States flag in a vase on top of a wooden chest of drawers.

OD will reveal the full track listing for the album on Thursday via their newsletter. You can sign up for free online.

Fans can also look forward to a new song on Friday called “My Heart Is a Bar.”

OD’s full third album arrives October 25, featuring their latest hit, “One Man Band,” and their #1, “Make It Sweet.”

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