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Now We Miss Things Like Drinks-with-Coworkers-We-Don’t-Like and Awkward First Dates

Here are some things we surprisingly miss doing, according to a new survey.  32% of people miss having boring conversations at work . . . 25% miss getting drinks with coworkers they don’t like . . . and 10% miss going on awkward first dates.


Absence really does “make the heart grow fonder.”  Huh.    #ThanksPandemic

No one’s life looks exactly like it did at the beginning of the year.  And at this point, that’s even making us nostalgic for stuff we DIDN’T like.

Here are some results of a new survey that found the stuff we probably shouldn’t miss, but surprisingly we do . . .

1.  Having boring conversations at work.  32% miss it.

2.  Hearing our friends tell stories about things we didn’t do, 28%.

3.  Getting drinks after work with coworkers we don’t like, 25%.

4.  Having random conversations with strangers, 23%.

5.  Commuting, 17%.

6.  Eating the same boring lunches at work every day, 13%.

7.  Hearing other people’s music in the office, 11%.

8.  Going on awkward first dates, 10%.

Get a feel for more, here:  (The Sun)

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