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“Not So Smart-Phone” Injuries Hospitalize Us, More Than Ever

Hospitals in the U.S. report they now see a spike in the number of visits – thanks to injuries caused by our smart-phones.

And while some ER patients are there because a phone is actually thrown at them; doctors are mostly treating us for facial cuts, bruises, and fractures.  They say it’s due to careless use.  So claims a new study, published in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology.  That’s all about “ear, nose and throat.”

Researchers have found that people were increasingly showing up for cell phone-related head and neck injuries starting in 2006, around the time smartphones started to become popular.

Dr. Boris Paskhover, of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, reveals he treated a woman for a broken nose – after she dropped the phone on her face.  Paskhover says many of the injuries are caused by texting while walking, tripping, and landing, face-down, on the sidewalk.

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