People Who Are More Narcissistic Are Less Likely to Comply With COVID-19 Mitigations

People who are high in the personality trait of narcissism are less likely to comply with COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Penn State researchers found after controlling for personal politics, perception of risk, state policies, and other important demographics, participants higher in grandiose narcissism were less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated.

But, those in the group who did choose to wear a mask were also more likely to tell others to wear one, as well.

Meanwhile, those higher in vulnerable narcissism were also less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated if their personalities were also more self-centered and egocentric.

However, they were more likely to participate in these mitigations if their personalities also made them more sensitive to feeling judged.

Researcher Peter Hatemi adds, “We all have some level of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism.  It’s a natural part of all humans’ personalities because without it, we wouldn’t function properly.  But this part of narcissism we all have, it can get easily fed by political messaging and hijacked into these different stories; which is what we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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  • A study finds that people who are more narcissistic are less likely to comply with COVID-19 mitigation strategies – such as wearing a mask or getting vaccinated

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