No-Make-Up Selfies Trend – Here’s Why It’s Happening…
What’s Behind the Trend of Women Posting Make-Up Free Selfies on Social Media?

There’s now a trend of older women posting make-up free selfies on social media.

The Wall Street Journal has interviewed many health experts, and found that social media platforms don’t just harm teenagers…  They can also be harmful to women as they age.

So, women are fighting back with these selfies, to embrace their ages, and reduce social pressure to look younger.

Psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Boardman says of the photos, “It’s satisfying to feel connected and not so alone in how you look, so I think there is a generosity in that when it’s authentic.”

However:  She also cautions that the “natural look” might not always be honest.  It might be staged, at times, with products, treatments and injectables, or even ring lights, secret makeup, or a filter.

Some brands, such as Milk, Dove, and Olay, are also supporting the trend by using real photos – which are not retouched – across a wide spectrum of ages.  They hope to showcase mature women’s beauty, at their stage in life….  And maybe sell their products, this way…

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  • There’s a trend of older women posting make-up free selfies on social media to show they embrace their age, no matter what is trendy on social media
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