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New Summer Food Trends: “Corn Ribs” and “Frozen Honey”

TikTok just keeps pumping out weird, new food ideas.  Here are two more summer foods that are trending right now . . .



1.  “Corn ribs” are now a thing, and they’re exactly what they sound like . . . ribs, but made out of corn.



If you cut an ear of corn lengthwise into quarters, they’ll curl up when you cook them.  So they end up the same shape as ribs.  Then you just season them and toss them in the oven, or an air fryer.  People say they’re great.  (Here’s a video.)



2.  Also, “frozen honey” has been trending.  And again, it’s what it sounds like.



Grab the smallest plastic bottle you can find, and fill it with honey.  Then toss it in the freezer and wait a few hours.  And once it’s frozen, take it out and let it thaw a little bit.



If you time it right, you end up with cold, squeezable honey that’s CHEWY.  So every time you squeeze the bottle, you get a bite.  It’s pretty sweet though, and VERY high in calories.  (Here’s a video.)



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