The hype around Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge just got bigger with the news that the ride inside Star Wars land is reportedly 28 minutes long.
The ride, called Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has the rider as a recruit of the Resistance trying to take down the First Order and according to Scott Trowbridge, a creative director at Disney Imagineering, it’s “the most epic attraction ever built.”
In the latest behind-the-scenes video of the attraction, employees featured wouldn’t say exactly how long the ride really is, but a Disney blogger claims 28 minutes is the ride time.  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be up and running this summer at both Disney Parks. Do you think you could handle a 28-minute ride? Here’s more from This Insider. Just to put it into perspective a ride on one of the more popular Disney World Theme Parks, Space Mountain is 2 mintues and 30 seconds. Can you imagine how long the wait will be for a 28 minute ride? Below is a list of ride times from

Magic Kingdom


Disney’s Hollywood Studios


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