“Men in Black: International” (PG-13) Tessa Thompson stars as a rookie agent who talks her way into a job with the Men in Black. As Agent M, she’s assigned to the London branch, where she’s partnered with Chris Hemsworth (Agent H) and ordered to track down a mole in the organization. You’d know Tessa as Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame”. Emma Thompson returns as Agent O, the MIB Branch Chief in New York. Liam Neeson joins the cast as the head of MIB’s British branch, “Agent High T,” and comedian Kumail Nanjiani is the voice of Agent M’s little alien sidekick Pawny.

“Shaft” (R) Jessie T. Usher is John Shaft Jr. He’s Samuel L. Jackson’s nerdy FBI agent son that he’s never met . . . because JJ’s mama didn’t want to risk his life around any of Shaft’s enemies. JJ tracks down his dad in Harlem and asks for help solving the murder of his best friend. The tagline is “More Shaft than you can handle,” because the two of them also get help from Richard Roundtree, the star of the original 1971 movie.

“The Dead Won’t Die” is a zombie comedy starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, and Chloe Sevigny as small town cops fighting off the undead. The rest of the cast includes Iggy Pop, RZA, Selena Gomez, Danny Glover, and a sword-wielding Tilda Swinton.

“American Woman” stars Sienna Miller as a grieving mother searching for the truth about her daughter’s disappearance while raising her grandson by herself for the next decade. Christina Hendricks is also in it as her older sister.

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