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New Jersey is the “Most-Hated” State in America, Where Does Illinois Rank?

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What is so bad about New Jersey? Lifestyle website Best Life looked at a number of factors to determine that New Jersey is the most-hated state in the U.S. They looked at U.S. Census Bureau statistics on population increases or decreases within each of the 50 states, as well as the results of a poll from 2014 that asked each state’s residents whether they believed theirs was the best place to live, among other things. Best Life then used the data to compile a “Hatred Index” of all 50 states. New Jersey was the most-hated state, followed by Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida to round out the most-hated top five. The most-loved state was found to be Idaho. Where does Illinois rank? #12 in the Most Hated Category. Here’s the full breakdown from Best Life.

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