National Hot Dog Day Deals That Will Make You Relish The Day (Sorry, Had To Be Done)  Today (Wednesday) is National Hot Dog Day. Whether you smother it in mustard, ketchup, onions, or relish here are a few places that are dishing up some “doggone” good deals to celebrate. 7-Eleven is serving up their famous Big Bite all-beef hot dogs for just $1.  Circle K is doing the same. If you happen to live near a Hot Dog On A Stick location, you can grab a free turkey dog today. And at Nathan’s Famous, if you buy one hot dog, you can get a second one for only 5 cents.

Someone looked into which states love hot dogs the most, using data from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Google. West Virginia is #1 . . . followed by North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Maine, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Nevada. Among individual cities, Buffalo is #1 . . . followed by Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.  In all, Americans will consume 7 BILLION hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day . . . and MUSTARD is the most popular topping.