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Nation, Don’t Divide. It Will Make Garth Brooks Very Mad

GARTH BROOKS is always telling us to be good and decent people, and we keep letting him down.  So it’s come to this.  We either reach across the aisle, and unite as a Nation, or he’s going to be very mad.

He says, quote, “The last thing we need to do right now is divide.  People, trust me.  If you’re ever gonna see me pissed off about anything, don’t divide.  Don’t let ’em divide us.  That’s when it falls apart.”

“It’s the first rule between darkness and evil is division.  It’s the first rule if you’re going to take over a country is to divide the country.  We are all human beings, beyond color, beyond gender, beyond sexual choice, beyond religion.”

He also has a new song called We Belong To Each Other which promotes the same message.

(The “don’t divide us” rant was on Monday’s episode of “Inside Studio G”.  Here’s the link.  Skip to 6:43.)


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