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Nate Smith‘s debut self-titled album is available everywhere today (Friday, April 28th). Fans can choose between the regular version and the deluxe version of album, which will include the fan favorite track “World On Fire” and five other new songs.

Nate tells us: “I want listeners to take away whatever they want when they listen to it. If they’re getting hope out of it, that’s cool. If they’re getting over somebody, that’s cool. I just want them to connect to the album someway emotionally, whatever that is.”

Nate is nominated for New Male Artist of the Year at the upcoming ACM Awards. The show will stream live on Prime Video on May 11th at 8 p.m. ET from the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, TX.

Nate will perform at Stagecoach in Indio, CA for the first time tonight. Beginning on May 4th, he joins Thomas Rhett on his Home Team Tour 23.


Here is the Nate Smith (Deluxe) track listing:
1. If I Could Stop Loving You (Jason Massey/Matt Rogers/Justin Wilson)
2. Alright, Alright, Alright (Joey Hendricks/Jessie Jo Dillon/Daniel Ross)
3. One Good Girl (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Jonathan Singleton)
4. Back At It Again (Trannie Anderson/Adam Doleac/Jason Massey)
5. You Ain’t Been In Love (Nate Smith/Zach Abend/Andy Albert/Blake Pendergrass)
6. Better Boy (Michael Hardy/Taylor Phillips)
7. You Only Want Me When You’re Drunk (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Seth Alley)
8. Bad Memory (Nate Smith/James McNair/Lindsay Rimes/Emily Weisband)
9. Oil Spot (Jared Hampton/Tate Howell/Drew Kennedy)
10. Wreckage (Nate Smith/Mary Kutter/Chris Sligh/Paul Wrock)
11. LFG (Nate Smith/Adam James/Mikey Reaves)
12. Whiskey On You (Nate Smith/Lindsay Rimes/Russell Sutton)
13. You Shouldn’t Have To (Nate Smith/Matt Alderman/Brian Bunn)
14. Sleeve (Nate Smith/Brian Scott Alexander/Mary Kutter/Noah Jackson Lubert)
15. I Found You (Nate Smith/Chris Gelbuda/Kyle Schlienger)
16. Backseat (Adam James/Steven McMorran/Andy Sheridan)
17. Name Storms After (Nate Smith/Trannie Anderson/Seth Alley)
18. Raised Up (Nate Smith/Trannie Anderson/Jonathan Smith)
19. Under My Skin (Nate Smith/Trysette Maree Loosemore/Larry McCoy)
20. I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven (Nate Smith/Daniel Fernandez)
21. World on Fire (Nate Smith/Ashley Gorley/Taylor Phillips/Lindsay Rimes) – DELUXE
22. I Don’t Miss You (Seth Alley/James McNair/Heath Warren) – DELUXE
23. Good By Now (Nate Smith/Ashley Gorley/Taylor Phillips/Lindsay Rimes) – DELUXE
24. What an Angel Ain’t (Nate Smith/Zach Abend/Michael Hardy) – DELUXE
25. Dear Heart (Nate Smith/Tofer Brown/Emily Weisband) – DELUXE
26. Love Is Blind (Nate Smith/Jessie Jo Dillon/Jesse Frasure/Geoff Warburton) – DELUXE