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Narcissist: Love Thyself (Too Much), Hurt Thy Neighbor…

An industrial workplace bullying and harassment topic. A male employee shouting and gesturing to a female coworker.
Study:  Narcissistic People More Likely to Be Aggressive and Violent
Personality disorders are no joke.
A recent review of over 400 studies reveals that narcissism is related to a 21-percent increase of aggression – and an 18-percent increase of violence.
One study has found that individuals who exhibit high levels of narcissism are especially aggressive when provoked…  But they are also aggressive when they are not provoked.
People who have high levels of narcissism also show high levels of physical aggression and verbal aggression.  They are more likely to spread gossip, more likely to bully others, and more likely to displace aggression against innocent bystanders.
Narcissism was correlated to aggression in males and females, of all ages, from both Western and Eastern countries.

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