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Name Your Child THIS If You Want to Raise a Genius.

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Study:  Name Your Child John or Marie If You Want To Raise a Genius
Your child’s name might have an impact on her or his level of success, one day.
Edubirdie, an online writing platform, has determined which baby names are most-likely to belong to future geniuses.  They analyzed over 900 names of people who are extremely intelligent, including Nobel Prize winners and notable scientists, to determine the top 20 baby names, which are most-likely to be associated with genius-level cognitive skill.
The top 9 baby girl names were (in order): 1) Marie, 2) Elizabeth, 3) Ellen, 4) Susan, 5) Ada, 6) Barbara, 7) Irene, 8) Jane, and 9) Nadia.
The top 11 baby boy names were, in order: 1) John, 2) Robert, 3) William, 4) James, 5) Thomas, 6) George, 7) Richard, 8) Charles, 9) Carl, 10) Paul, 11) Michael.
The researchers found 30 geniuses were named John, while the name Marie was heavily associated with Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie.
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  • A study of the names of highly intelligent people reveals the top girl name associated with geniuses is Marie, while the top boy name is John

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