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‘Mystery Droplets’ Falling on a Neighborhood Tests Feces – Here’s What Kind

Bee collecting nectar.
‘Mystery Droplets’ Plaguing East Las Vegas Neighborhood Tests As Bee Feces

This may actually be good news, as bee populations face devastation, even extinction; to learn that they seem to be thriving, in at least one area.

In early February, people in a neighborhood in east Las Vegas noticed some mystery substance was dropping from the sky – and covering nearly everything around them, for about three weeks.  Many Vegas-area restaurateurs cultivate bees in hives (often on rooftops), to create menu items with local honey, as well as maintain vegetable gardens.

Bees are indispensable, when it comes to maintaining our global food farming.

Thursday (March 3rd), the Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability revealed that the black, brown, and sometimes oil-like substance was actually bee poop.  It’s commonly called bee frass.

Lab results confirmed it.  Public information officer Kevin MacDonald said, “It was more or less a nuisance; but we’ve seen in other areas around the world that industrial pollution can lead to environmental and health impacts.”

A bee keeper says the weeks before spring are a prime time for things like this to happen; as bees emerge and swarm in new places.

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  • A mystery brown substance fell from the sky in a neighborhood in Las Vegas for about three weeks, and lab tests now confirm it’s beep poop, commonly called bee frass
  • A bee keeper says it’s a common thing that happens in the weeks leading up to spring, as bees emerge and swarm in new places

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