‘Baby NOT On Board’ – Luke Combs’ Says their Baby Boy Won’t Be Invited on his Tour Bus

So, we asked Luke Combs if he would consider having Nicole and their baby join him on the road, this fall?

And we were really touched and tickled by his thoughtful and considerate answer:  No Baby On Board.
“I mean, I think you need at least a year, before the road thing, even starts coming into the discussion.  I mean, we don’t even take our dog on the road, because of how much we feel like that effects his quality of life.  So I can’t imagine wanting to take a newborn out there.  I think we really want to make sure that we have this parenting thing down and figured out, before we start adding in a variable as huge as doing it on the road.”

Meanwhile, Combs’ wife, Nicole, recently took to Instagram Stories, to answer fans’ questions about her pregnancy.

Nicole revealed there is a theme to their son’s nursery (We think it’s baseball or Little League!).  And he will spend more time outside than watching television.

When it comes to cravings, Nicole says she falls for fruit and sweets all the time, even though she doesn’t like sweets.

Foods which she avoided, during her first trimester, included “all meat, eggs, coffee, garlic, and onions.”

While the smell of food made her sick, she “basically lived off waffles, yogurt, fruit, and protein shakes” for awhile.

Nicole confirmed the baby would “most likely” be named after someone, hinting the baby may be named for Luke or another family member.

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