Most Rewarding Good Deeds:  Holding Doors, Buying Coffee, Saying “Good Morning”

Someone asked people to define what it means to do a “good deed,” and the top answer was anything that makes someone else feel good.  But doing good deeds can also make YOU feel good.

92% of people say that they feel happy when they do something nice for someone else.  And 77% say it makes them feel more relaxed.  Here are the top LITTLE things you can do for others that can instantly turn your day around:

1.  Helping a friend, family member, or coworker with a task.

2.  Donating to someone in need.

3.  Just saying “good morning” to people.

4.  Holding a door for someone, especially a stranger.

5.  Giving someone a compliment.

6.  Paying for someone’s meal.

7.  Buying someone a coffee.

8.  Helping someone carry groceries, or something else that’s heavy.

The poll also shows that three-out-of-four people believe that if they do something nice for someone, that person will usually pay it forward, in one way or another.

There’s even more “feel good,” here:  (OnePoll


92% of people say that doing good deeds makes them happier.  The top good deeds that can instantly turn your day around include helping someone with a task . . . donating to someone in need . . . and just saying “good morning” to people.

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