As Coronavirus restrictions across the world are becoming more and more lenient the question becomes whether or not Americans will make a return to sports, or other live events, after the quarantine ends.  The short answer is yes.  But the longer, more complicated question is when?

Earlier this month Reuters and Ipsos asked nearly 4500 Americans if they would be willing to return to normal activities, after restrictions were lifted, and only four out of ten said they would.  40-percent said they would wait until a vaccine was created.

That signals a slow return to sports and live events, since a vaccine could take more than a year to be created and tested.  The music industry and the sports world are trying to map out a plan to return to business… possibly without audiences.  Instead, they would livestream events.

59-percent of those polled believe that a streaming option would be a good idea.  Would you pay for a livestream of a sporting or music event?

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