Morgan Wallen:  His 2-Year-Old ‘Brought a Lot Of Joy’ into the Studio

Turns out that the creation of Morgan Wallen’s new album, ‘One Thing at a Time,’ was a family affair.

His sister, Ashlyne, and his two-year-old son, Indie, each participated in the making of the 36-track set, which comes out March 3.

Wallen’s son, who was born in July 2020, was apparently a frequent studio visitor.  “He started coming in there and banging on guitar strings and, you know, delete songs for Joey and stuff like that,” Wallen said with a laugh.  “But honestly, he brought a lot of joy into the room.  He brought a new energy that we hadn’t had in there before.”

Wallen has already released three songs from the album, “Last Night,” “Everything I Love” and “I Wrote the Book.”

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