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Here’s How to See the Moon Align with 3 Planets…

Moon to Align with 3 Planets – Friday Evening – with Shooting Stars Around Them

There’s going to be a bit of an astrological event in the sky.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus will be easy to see in the sky, throughout most of December…  But, tomorrow (December 10th), the crescent moon will fall in line with those three planets.

The moon will be at the top of the line, appearing in the southwestern sky shortly after nightfall.

The celestial alignment will be visible around the world, even from cities where light pollution washes out dimmer stars.

All you’ll need to see it is cloud-free weather…  But using a telescope or a pair of binoculars can reveal some of the bigger moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

You should also keep your eyes peeled for shooting stars; as the some leftover meteors from the Geminid meteor shower could still be streaking through the sky.

Gaze at more, here:  (UPI)

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  • The moon will align with Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus in the sky Friday (December 10th) night, and this will be visible from all around the world—even from cities where light pollution washes out dimmer stars

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