Mom Sees Something in Toddler’s Ear…  The Doctor Says It Was THIS

An Arkansas mom was shocked after a discovery was made in her toddler’s ear.

Jessica DeLoach and her family had recently moved to a new home in the woods, and they had been doing some yard work, after a recent remodel.  After the day outdoors, DeLoach gave her 2-year-old daughter, Averie, a bath.

As she dried and clothed her little one, she noticed some irritation around the toddler’s ear.  Fearful she may have put something in there, DeLoach called her pediatrician.  And, thank goodness.

It seriously looked like she had shoved some food in her ear,” Jessica said.

According to People, the doctor advised DeLoach to bring her daughter in, immediately.  Averie was acting herself; but she was very sensitive about having her ear touched or examined.

DeLoach would hold her daughter in her lap as doctors worked to remove the mystery mass.

The removal process was very traumatizing as you have to hold the child still to remove items safely,” she explains.  “A 2-year-old just doesn’t understand what the doctor is trying to do.”

They worked carefully to clear Averie’s ear – and discovered two ticks inside the toddler’s ear.

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