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MLB.Com Writers Weigh in on the Cubs & White Sox chances of Winning the World Series’s Will Leitch and Mike Petriello got together to draft the 30 teams based on one simple question: Who would you pick to win the World Series in 2020? What do they think of the Cubs & White Sox chances?  Here’s their ranking….

1. New York Yankees

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

3. Houston Astros

Leitch: Well, this one’s going to make me popular.

4. Minnesota Twins

5. New York Mets

6. Tampa Bay Rays

7. Atlanta Braves

8. Oakland Athletics

Petriello: Did anyone notice the A’s won 97 games in 2018, then won 97 again in ’19?

9. Chicago Cubs      

Leitch: Yes, they might trade Kris Bryant. Yes, they’ve sat idle all winter. Yes, there was some bad mojo with this team down the stretch. But who else in this division took any sort of step forward? The Reds, sure, but they were pretty far back already. The Cardinals and Brewers acted as if they just blew past those past-their-prime Cubs last year, but I’d argue that was more the train just going off the rails in Chicago in the short term than the team being somehow broken.

10. Washington Nationals

17. Chicago White Sox

Leitch: I felt a lot better about the White Sox being my “maybe this team will go nuts and win the division!” before the Twins got Donaldson, but you don’t have to squint that hard to see Tremendous Upside Potential here. I’m not sure about the Nomar Mazara addition, but if Luis Robert is even halfway ready on Opening Day, this lineup is stacked top to bottom. (I firmly believe Eloy Jiménez is hitting 50 homers this year.) The rotation still feels a guy or two short, and it feels a year early to get too excited, but this team is going to be irresistible to watch.

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