Miranda Lambert’s Rare Confession About Stepson with Brendan McLoughlin

Miranda Lambert rarely talks, publicly, about the special relationship that she has with her three-year-old stepson, Landon.

The country star married Brendan McLoughlin when his son was an infant.  And she quickly assimilated into parental life, and her new role.

In an interview with People, she referred to taking time out of her busy schedule to be with family, and visit New York, where Brendan is from.

I’ve really gotten to a great place,” she said.  “I’ve got an amazing husband and a beautiful farm outside of Nashville.  We have a place in New York where I go visit my stepson.  I feel like I wanna make sure I make time for all those faces and those moments that I just mentioned because it’s the most important thing.  My stepson is amazing.  I’m loving that whole phase.  And I’ve raised a million dogs, so I feel like I’ve got that part of my womanly/motherly thing full, so this is a whole new journey.  It’s great.”

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