Miranda Lambert Says ‘The Voice’ Changed her Married Life with Blake Shelton
Miranda Lambert admits that Blake Shelton‘s success on NBC‘s The Voice might have been a contributing factor, toward their divorce, several years ago.
Lambert says some of it was due to all the attention the couple got from the paparazzi and tabloids.
She told the Los Angeles Times, “I’m already very private and protective.  And choosing the job I chose — I mean, I get onstage; I’m in front of people.  But I didn’t choose random photos of moments when I wasn’t at work.”
Miranda especially disliked living in Hollywood part-time with Blake.  She says, “It taught me that Hollywood is not anything I want to be part of.”

Miranda said that Blake’s popularity made them tabloid targets.  She described the experience as “a shock to my system.”

She said she prefers the “family feel” of Nashville.  That’s where she currently lives, with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, who is a former NYPD officer.

Shelton is also remarried, to Gwen StefaniThe Star Weekly reports that Blake sent a nice note to Miranda, to congratulate her on her expected child with McLoughlin.

Miranda released her new album, Palomino, last week.

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