Michael Ray‘s follow-up to his chart-topping “One That Got Away” is the classic country heartbreak ballad “Her World or Mine.”

“It’s been my favorite song on the album since it was a demo…” the Florida native tells ABC Radio. “I always knew that song was gonna be on the record…”

“It spoke to me,” Michael reveals. “It’s what I love about country music. It’s the real honesty of ‘we’ve all been there.’ And we’ve been on both sides of that.”

“And what I love, too, is the fans are bringing me their stories,” he adds.

In “Her World or Mine,” one of the parties from the relationship is heartbroken. But the song is written so it’s impossible to know which it is.

“The reason the song is written the way that it is,” Michael explains, “is so you can put yourself into whichever category.”

“Because a great country song, I feel like, allows you to make it your story, which makes you connect to it,” he continues, “and helps you [when you’re] going through something like that.”

Right now, Michael is going through preparations for a wedding. He’s engaged to fellow hitmaker Carly Pearce, with the two rumored to be tying the knot sometime this fall.

“Her World of Mine” is the third single from Michael’s Amos album.

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