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Men Who Fail to Crack a Good Joke Get Judged More Harshly than Women

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Study:  Men Who Try And Fail to Crack Jokes Are Judged More Harshly than Women

Men who aren’t that great at cracking jokes are judged more harshly than women…  So shows a new study.

University of New Haven researchers have found that women were rated as more likeable, competent, and funnier, if they failed to land their jokes.  But men, who failed to land a joke, were not.

It’s thought this is because men are seen as trying to be self-serving when making jokes; while women are perceived as trying to connect with another person, when they joke around.

Interesting:  There was no difference between how they were perceived if the jokes landed successfully.

Study author Taly Reich clarifies that there is some irony to this:  “Unfortunately, women often have to tread lightly because their mistakes are more damning than the same mistakes made by men.  Our research suggests that this might apply more in the office than, say, on a date or in another setting where the goal is to connect. […] These aren’t hard-set gender differences.  It’s more about why others think that the mistake was made in the first place.”

Learn more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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