McDonald’s Secret Cakes, Dunkin’ Bubbles, Yoplait Skittles
MCDONALD’S SELLS BIRTHDAY CAKES FOR $9 ON ITS SECRET MENU –  McDonald’s apparently sells a cake for $9.  Back in January a TikTok user posted about the so-called “secret” menu item, and then Today Food asked a McDonald’s spokesperson about it.  They were told that all McDonald’s owners/operators across the US have the option of ordering cakes (in vanilla or chocolate) from their local distribution center for employee or customer celebrations, and they occasionally decide to let customers purchase the cakes; but they’re not on the official menu and you won’t find them at all locations.  The white-frosted sheet cakes come with an image of Ronald McDonald on top.  So, that may make it more special or less.  You may be able to ask your local McDonald’s if you might get one. (Yahoo)

DUNKIN’ HAS NEW STRAWBERRY POPPING BUBBLES –  You’ll soon be able to order strawberry-flavored popping bubbles added to any drink of your choice at Dunkin’. Starting June 23rd they can be added to any beverage, and if you opt to add them your drink will be served with a wide pink and orange paper straw that is designed to fit the bubbles. Dunkin’ says the popping bubbles “burst in your mouth for an explosion of strawberry sweetness with each sip.” (Yahoo)

YOPLAIT IS MAKING NEW SKITTLES YOGURT – Yoplait has announced it’s making Skittles yogurt in two varieties:  Original and Wild Berry.  The first features the classic red packaging and a single red Skittle over the “i,” which leads some to think it is modeled after the Strawberry flavor.  The Wild Berry flavor packaging also features a red Skittle, which likely means it will feature the Wild Cherry flavor.  It’s not clear when the Skittles yogurt options will be widely available . (Delish)


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