Mastercard and Visa Now Prohibit Use of their Cards on Pornhub

A New York Times columnist wrote an opinion piece on Pornhub – which reveals that the adult “entertainment” site is infested with rape videos.  Others have reported seeing what appears to be child-porn (assault), as well.

Now, both Mastercard and Visa announce they will prohibit use of their cards on the site, starting immediately.

Pornhub has now made changes to its site, to prohibit unverified users from uploading videos – but it’s not clear if removal of criminal video has occurred.

Pornhub executives say they are disappointed by Mastercard and Visa’s decision.  Rights advocates for women and for children say they have long been disappointed by the disregard for criminality, over cash and profit.

Meanwhile:  Pornhub Reports 1.5 Million “Coronavirus” Searches & Traffic Growth Amid Outbreak.

In light of the global coronavirus pandemic, many people are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining. … “As the coronavirus spread around the world, Pornhub’s traffic did grow,” Pornhub confirms.


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