Massive Macaroni Mystery:  Case Solved!
New Jersey Pasta Mystery:  Case Solved
Multiple mysterious mounds of pasta were discovered along a stream in Old Bridge, New Jersey, last week.
And nobody could figure out how 25 feet of the water line were covered in loose spaghetti, alphabet noodles, and macaroni.  
We first heard about this from a resident, named Nina Jochnowitz.  Some neighbors had been boiling about it.  

Apparently, the oodles of noodles were uncooked…  at first.  Then, the pasta softened after some heavy rain.

No sauce, no gravy, no cheese, it was was just piles of macaroni,” Mayor Owen Henry said.  While the dishy dump was illegal, the mayor confirmed that it was not hazardous.

It did take about an hour to clean up; and now the mystery has been solved.

Some neighbors knew a guy who had just lost his mother.  They think the pasta may have been tossed there after he had been cleaning out his mother’s pandemic-packed pantry.  “I really feel like he was just trying to clear out his parents’ house and they were probably stocked up from COVID,” neighbor Keith Rost said.

Maybe he couldn’t donate it, because it had bugs or something?  Seems like a big waste, though.

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