Mark Pope Calls Taylor Swift Good Luck for BYU’s Tournament Win

BYU basketball head coach Mark Pope, a self-proclaimed Taylor Swift fan, made a humorous connection to the pop star after BYU’s win over UCF in the Big 12 Tournament.

Pope referred to Swift’s favorite number, 13, and pointed out that all of BYU’s games against UCF were on the 13th of different months.

Despite the quirky connection, BYU secured a victory over UCF in the second round of the tournament.

Pope’s lighthearted Taylor Swift reference added a fun element to the post-game press conference, and showcased his unique coaching style.

BYU will face Texas Tech next in the Big 12 Tournament Quarterfinals, with Pope likely to continue channeling the power of Taylor Swift for inspiration.  Nobody’s mentioning the number 12 much, though…

Do you think BYU’s lucky number is 13, like Taylor?

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