Maren Morris defends her comments to Variety, regarding Morgan Wallen’s use of the N-word.

During a recent interview with Luke Combs, for the annual Country Radio Seminar conference, Morris defended her choice to call out Wallen.  She said that, despite people saying Morgan’s words aren’t representative of Country music culture, Morris says, “it actually is.”

But I think (saying) ‘We’re different; we’re country; we protect our own; we don’t go after people in public’ … Well, I mean, going after someone saying the N-word is bad? That’s the least we can do is not say that. I think that your fans are a reflection of you and what you’re about,” says Morris.

Morris did applaud Wallen’s comment to fans about “not defending him” and his actions.  She says his actions were “indefensible,” and that the best thing “we can do is, so there isn’t an elephant in the room, is say that out loud and hold our peers accountable.”


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