Mardi Gras:  As Americans Try to Drop Pandemic Pounds – ‘Not Today!’
This is how my family does Mardi Gras:  Chicago Style.  We recklessly break through the plastic to grab the goodies by 8 a.m.  Can you tell that I’m the only female in the family?!  LOL
A survey of 2,000 Americans reveals that 95% of us – the vast majorityhave tried to lose weight, over the past five years.  Not today, for Mardi Gras, of course…  But starting tomorrow?

44% have struggled so much with weight loss, that they have ended up gaining 21 pounds, or more.

Lack of motivation, willpower, expenses, and time were common challenges.

69% of those with hybrid work schedules eat more at home than in the office.

Weight loss is a journey, not a sprint,” Nutrisystem dietitian Courtney McCormick said.  “Aiming to lose a healthy 1-2 pounds per week will set you up for lasting success.”

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