Mika Manninen, who is the co-founder of yogurt brand Hälsa Foods, has shared his strict safety routine that has kept him COVID-free during the 33 flights he has taken this year for business. He says the main thing is to expose the “least amount of skin as possible.”
– “When I enter the airport, I wear multiple layers of disposable gloves, and I peel them off as I go through it. Trams, escalators … peel a layer, check-in, use a kiosk with a touch screen … peel a layer, TSA security check … peel a layer.”
– He always uses a paper ticket instead of pulling up his information on his phone. “Hundreds of passengers scan their phones, and many lay them flat on the glass,” he said.
– He says, “The only time I wear collared shirts is on the airplane, just to cover my neck. I don’t let my skin touch any surfaces.”
– After boarding the plane, Manninen uses an antiseptic wipe to disinfect all surfaces, “including the seat belt, belt buckle, headrest, window shades and the air and light adjusters above your head.”
– He swaps out his masks every four hours because it’s “safer and oddly gives you a feeling of freshening up.”
– If he needs a restroom, “Find a non-crowded bathroom in the airport (avoid the bathroom in the plane). I swap my mask every time I use a bathroom.”
– He refrains from purchasing food and beverages and tries to keep his distance from other travelers by sitting in the “corner alone.”

Here’s the complete story from the NY POST.

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