Luke Combs To (Finally) Release The Longtime Fan-Favorite Song “Joe” This Friday

Long time fans of Luke Combs have wanted this and now it’s here. I am so excited for it and I hope you are too!

The studio version of “Joe,” the third single from Luke Combs’ upcoming album Gettin’ Old, will be released this Friday (February 24) after months of teasers.

Combs shared the fan-favorite on his social media platforms as he played an acoustic version of the song.

“Joe” debuted at the Grand Ole Opry in 2021. Written by Combs, Erik Dylan and James Slater, “Joe” is about a man who battles alcoholism who finds redemption at the end of a bottle.

On March 24, Gettin’ Old, his third studio album of a career, will be released worldwide. It has 18 songs in total. It comes almost seven months after the release of Growin’ Up.