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Luke Combs Says He Drinks Before, During, and After Shows

Here’s another great moment from LUKE COMBS’ appearance on “Straight Up Steve Austin”.  Steve asked if he enjoys a beer before going on stage . . . and Luke told him he drinks “before, during, and after” the show.


In case you missed it, there’s one more clip from LUKE COMBS’ appearance on “Straight Up Steve Austin” that’s worth checking out.

Steve asked if he drinks a beer before or during shows, and wow, does Luke stay on brand, or what?

He said, quote, “I’m a before, during, and after guy for sure.  I shotgun a beer every night, one beer . . . but I can’t do beer [during the show] because it makes me burp too much, so I do stage drink.

“That’s a heavy Jack pour, then diet [soda], no ice . . . because little-known secret of the trade is that ice cools your vocal cords down, so you have a higher chance of damaging your vocals cord drinking ice cold anything.”  (Here’s the clip.)

Sip on more, here:  (Music Mayhem)

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