Luke Combs’ First Son, Tex, Is A Proud Big Brother: “He’s Like A Pig In Mud”

Even though Tex Lawrence, the first child of Luke Combs, is only one year old, he already loves being a big brother to Beau Lee, who is five months old.

“[Tex] is awesome. He is taken to it, man. He is like a pig in mud, he loves it,” Luke tells ABC Audio.

“He is like trying to feed the baby Cheerios, [but Beau] doesn’t eat any Cheerios because he can’t eat any food. He just wants to help already,” says Combs.

Young Tex is also unafraid of getting his hands dirty. “If we’re sucking boogers out, he wants to go and help suck boogers out. I’m like, ‘I appreciate it, but we got it. You know? We got it,” Luke relates.

How did your oldest child take to having a new sibling? Was it hard at first?