Luke Bryan Isn’t Afraid to Critique Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter on ‘American Idol’

Country singer and American Idol judge Luke Bryan discusses the challenge of remaining objective, especially when evaluating contestants…

And he points to the example of Emmy Russell.  Her famous grandmother is Loretta Lynn.  Her great aunt is Crystal Gayle.

Bryan emphasizes the importance of honesty and talent in the competition, as America’s viewers will hold them accountable.  He acknowledges Russell’s talent but also notes areas for improvement.

All three judges felt that Emmy needed to own her voice and create her own lane.  “I think if we start sending people through, just because they have a connection with any form of music, or if there’s somebody famous — if we start sending people through that don’t seem like they’re worthy of it, I think that America will call us out on that,” said Bryan.

What did you think of Emmy Russell’s performance?  Does she deserve to go to Hollywood?

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